Lumiplan uses its expertise to develop solutions for a sustainable mobility.

  • Lumiplan, Quality and environment

Lumiplan harbors a deep respect for the environment and this outlook is prevalent in the way the company thinks and acts: recyclable equipment and the integration of solar energy are two examples of its pledge to a sustainable future

> Energy saving : To face the urgent need to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, Lumiplan provides non-polluting and low-consuming information systems by relying on solar power.
> Use of recyclable materials : In order to minimize non-degradable waste, Lumiplan has drastically cut its use of plastics. We use completely recyclable materials such as aluminum and non-toxic surface coatings.
> Promoting Public Transport : Lumiplan designs intelligent information systems to encourage the use of Public Transport and reduce our carbon footprint.
> Social Responsibility : Lumiplan offers a range of solutions that cater to the needs of the visually-impaired, the hearing-impaired and physically disabled people. Our products are durable and low on maintenance, making it a feasible solution for present and future generations.