Since 1972, Lumiplan has kept investing in research to deliver quality real-time information and be at the cutting edge of innovation.

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The group’s history starts in 1972 with an innovative idea: creating luminous information displays for tourists in ski and seaside resorts. Lumiplan and its electronic information display systems are born.

1982 – Lumiplan starts producing electronic information boards for cities.

1992 – Lumiplan launches its Transport activities and engages in discussions on Information Systems for Public Transport with the EU.

2002 – Lumiplan starts offering Full Color display solutions and becomes the first to provide outdoor full color screens in France – in particular for sports stadium.

2007 – Lumiplan wins the bid for the design, supply, installation and maintenance of the city of Paris’ electronic information displays. The company consolidates its transport offer with the acquisition of the Heurès software suite, a planning and scheduling solution for transport operators.

At this point, Lumiplan generates a turnover of 10M € and employs 55 people.

2008 – Lumiplan confirms its long-term interest in producing electronic information displays for cities by acquiring FA Technology, one of the main players on the market.

2009 marks a milestone in the group’s history: Lumiplan gives substance to its international ambitions by creating a subsidiary in Singapore – Lumiplan Asia.

2010 – Lumiplan’s Transport activity keeps growing: the group acquires Duhamel (Domène 38), the French pioneer of on-board passenger information systems in Public Transport.

Today, Lumiplan employs 215 people and generates more than 40M € in turnover.