Our mission focuses on 4 lines :

  • VALUE your ski resorts
  • RETAIN your clients
  • INFORM with the right content, at the right place, in real-time
  • FACILITE your day-to-day information management.

  • Lumiplan Mountain: Communication and dynamic signage skiers, mobile applications and software

In 1972, Lumiplan invented the panoramic electronic trail map. The company has since acquired the trust of more than 150 stations in France and around the world. As a pioneer of dynamic information and guidance skiers, Lumiplan has kept on investing in R&D in order to provide its customers with solutions state of the art technology and uses solutions.

"Our goal is to provide effective communication tools for governance and operators of ski areas, enabling them to ensure safety on their domains, to create links with skiers and residents and retain customers by having them live a unique experience." Patrick Grand'Eury, CEO of Lumiplan Montagne

Lumiplan's know-how covers design, manufacture, assembly, testing in extreme conditions, installation and maintenance of equipment and operating softwares. Our dynamic communication solutions improve day-to-day missions of station operators. Millions of skiers enjoy more comfort, safety and excitement on the slopes and in the heart of the stations:

  • Dynamic signage in station: Communicating in the domain key points
  • InfoNeige: Managing content with a user-friendly system
  • Web and Smartphones apps: Preparing and making the most of your stay
  • Experience solutions: For a fun and active mountain
  • Leanski : Optimising your flows on the ski area