Lumiplan provides innovative solutions to meet today’s needs for communication in cities, public transportation, sports and leisure facilities and on mountain slopes.

  • Lumiplan : Improving urban living

> Growing urbanization,
> Changing perception of time,
> Information and communication technologies

... are new challenges we must face every day. Since it was created, Lumiplan’s commitment is to unite mobility and communication, and make real-time information available everywhere and for everyone.

Involved in the transport, city, mountain and sports & recreation markets, Lumiplan provides innovative solutions to meet its client’s constant requirements.

Servicing more than 4000 clients, we are commercially active in more than 20 countries across 5 continents, with offices in France, India, Singapore and the USA.

Recreating social link, making everyday life simpler and guiding you in any place: this is what we aim for.