Lumiplan boasts 4 fields of activity. This allows it to build a comprehensive approach on each component of its products, to ensure the integration of various applications, as well as guarantee economies of scale.

  • Lumiplan Mountain : information electronic plans
  • Lumiplan Sports and recreation: information displays
  • Lumiplan Transport : Passenger information on-board
  • Lumiplan city : information electronic panels

Expert in communication solutions, Lumiplan draws on its expertise to provide state of the art technology in each of its key sectors: Transport, City, Mountain, Sport

› Electronic: display technology (LCD alphanumeric or TFT, LED classics or CMS), channel driver board (micro processors..)
› Computer system: business software, programmation and composition software in various languages
› Engineering: from the design (software CAO, DAO) to the expertise and knowledge in materials (physics, thermics, electric, environmental) necessary to provide cutting-edge technology.