Reliable real-time information at passenger stops is an efficient solution to increasing the attractiveness of public transports.

  • Lumiplan : Platform displays – LED technology tramway Angers city
  • Lumiplan Arrival and departure boards for hubs TFT screens
  • Lumiplan : Arrival and departure boards for hubs TFT screens
  • Lumiplan : Information displays at bus and coach stops – LCD technology
  • Passenger information displays LCD Lumiplan

Lumiplan provides a wide range of electronic displays for passenger stops.

Displays are available in all formats and technologies: LED, LCD et TFT. They offer the best quality in all existing set-ups: at tramway or BRT stations, at bus and coach stops, at railway stations and at intermodal transportation hubs. Associate operating and supervision software is also provided.

Borne d'information voyageur sur mât LCD solaireInformation displays at bus and coach stops – LCD technology

LCD displays have a high availability in wireless communication - GPRS, 2RP, 3RP, Tetra. They are compliant with all types of power constraints - solar, 220 V or public lightning - and can incorporate voice announcement.


Borne d’information voyageur à LED en station de tramway ou BHNS Information displays at tramway and Bus Rapid Transit stations – LED technology

The automatic adjustment of display brightness to ambient light conditions, makes our LED signs highly visible and ideal to display passenger information at long stations. In addition to visual information, the system can also incorporate voice announcement.


Ecran multimedia pour l’affichage des prochains départsArrival and departure boards for hubs – TFT or LCD technology

Outdoor - 20", 32" or42" - and indoor TFT screens -32" or 46" - can broadcast a large variety of multimedia content with  great reading comfort: real-time arrival estimation, arrival and departure information, safety and emergency messages, advertising… They are compatible with Ethernet or GPRS communication. The 20" display can incorporate a voice announcement.


Afficheurs de quai pour l’information voyageur en pôle d’échange, gare routière, gare maritimePlatform displays – LED technology

Platform displays benefit from all the advantages of LED technology, in particular: highly visible information and graphic display flexibility.