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Relying on Duhamel’s know-how, Lumiplan offers a wide range of on-board passenger information displays.

Destination displays, information and safety solutions are designed to be open and inter-operable, so as to ensure the adaptability and upgradeability of our clients’ systems and reduce investment costs.

Lumiplan detsination displays : full color, color route or monochrome LED for buses, coaches, tramways, metro cars, BRT

Destination displays

Front/side/rear destination displays – full color, color route or monochrome LED – 1,2 or 3 display line LED signs. Our equipment is certified CEM UTAC, 100% recyclable and benefits from a 50% reduced energy-consumption.


Lumiplan interior LED displays for buses, coaches, tramways, metro cars and BRT

Interior LED displays

Our interior LED signs provide next-stop information, services and buses lines informations, destinations, etc. They rely on the same technology as destination displays and comply with the same standards.

On-board voice annoucement for buses, coaches, tramways and BRT

Voice announcement

With the KiBoard on-board computer, both visual information and voice announcements can be delivered simultaneously by following the GPS position of the vehicle. Lumiplan on-board solutions have been designed to be compliant with the disability legislation of most parts of the world.

Lumiplan multimedia screens : network overview and multimedia content

Multi-media screens

Our multimedia screens come in different sizes (19" or 29"), set-ups (single- or double-sided screens) and connectivity modes (autonomous or connected to the vehicle’s central processing unit). With a high resolution and antireflective glass, our TFT screens can display network overviews, and rich multimedia contents.