Our mission focuses on 4 lines :

  • VALUE your ski resorts
  • RETAIN your clients
  • INFORM with the right content, at the right place, in real-time
  • FACILITE your day-to-day information management.

Trail maps, LED screens, lift loading gates and totems

Lumiplan offers a wide variety of HD panels, LED screens and signs positioned at strategic points on the ski area and throughout the resort.

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Digital LED solutions

Weather conditions, safety alerts, educational needs or events are part of everyday ski domains. A suitable digital solution ensures an optimal audience.

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Manage your content with InfoneigeTM

InfoneigeTM is the more advanced software for creating, programming and updating the contents broadcasted on the different displays set-up on the domain.

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Smartphone Solutions

Launched in 2009 by Lumiplan, the first iPhone application for ski resorts is now a best-seller in Europe, serving more than 35 different ski resorts, and counting. With over 450,000 downloads accumulating in over 4.3 million uses, our smartphone solutions speak for themselves.

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