The challenge for tomorrow: Integrating the new technologies to enhance the way the viewer experiences the live.

  • Lumiplan Sports & Recreation: Electronic Real-time display
  • LEDs Screen exterior full color Lumiplan racecourse of Deauville
  • Lumiplan Sports & Recreation: Electronic Real-time display
  • Full color perimeter Led display by Lumiplan for Moustoir FC Lorient stadium

With the emergence of recreational companies and services available on the market, experience becomes a central asset: how to experience live events better and share them?

The goal of Lumiplan is to enable organizers of sports events to enhance the experience of their audiences by offering supports of dynamic communication in real time.

For this job, Lumiplan draws its strength from its experience and research department, capable of responding to all contexts of integration, and ensuring technological innovation and reliability.

Since a sporting event is an experience sequenced in real time, the Sport & Recreation solutions of Lumiplan addresses each of these steps—whether it's before the match or during half-time—for home viewers or during the game.

Be it a wide range of daylight screens, banners at edge of the ground, indoor or outdoor, and control software based on applications of multimedia communication, Lumiplan has what you need.