>3 key-items to develop public transport attractiveness:

> Displaying reliable and accessible information, on-board and at passenger stops

> Facilitating network operations and improving their efficiency

> Ensuring a secure travelling environment for passengers and drivers

On-board passenger information

Lumiplan offers a wide range of front/side/rear destination displays - interior LED signs providing next-stop information - and TFT screens with multimedia content to broadcast visual information in buses, coaches and tramways.

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Information displays at passenger stops

For the last 20 years, Lumiplan has been developing passenger information displays and systems adapted to each stop context.

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On-board CCTV

Lumiplan provides high-quality and certified on-board CCTV and rear view systems to ensure safety for passengers and drivers.

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Heurès software

To provide support to transport companies creating a transport system (defining network lines and routes,…), Lumiplan provides a simple and efficient tool for bus and crew scheduling, and resource management: the Heurès software suite.

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